Polyphenols are produced from the liquid fraction that comes out during the exctracting process of olive oil.


Our product, designated as MEDOLIVA® is produced by a patented production scheme by using as raw material clean vegetation waters from the decanter separators of carefully selected olive mills producing only extra virgin olive oil exclusively from organic olive crops in Mediterranean conditions.

The patented production process does not involve organic solvents whatsoever but only super clean potable water or other hazardous material and is operated in environmental friendly mode following the EU adopted principle of total discharge.

The product is produced in liquid form and it is stable and safe without any need of any preservative addition.

Furthermore, a unique homogenization technique applied during MEDOLIVA® production reduces most of the volume of its dissolved particles and thus guarantees high antioxidant activity and improved functionality which is relevant to micro encapsulated products.

The product has many useful applications in many sectors like food, nutraceuticals and food supplements, cosmetics and personal care products etc.

The technical characteristics of the product are summarized here down:



Liquid natural antioxidant produced by olive fruit water phase with high hydrotyrosol and tyrosol content which is a well known as the most effective natural antioxidant encountered in nature with numerous scientific reference about its human health by its action as free radical retarder. The product is also containing substantial amount of tyrosol as well as caffeic and coumaric acid, catechins and anthocyanes The hydrotyrosol/tyrosol content in the product is 30 times more than in extra virgin olive oil.


Color: Dark Black
Viscosity: Low
Total solids: 10% w/w minimum or BRIX 24
Odor: Characteristic of the olives
Taste: Βitter natural of its poly-phenol composition
PH: 4.5 ± 0.1


Total polyphenol content: 6000 ppm min. on liquid basis or 6% (60000 ppm) on dry basis (Method Folin-Ciocalteu).

The product has been analyzed by HPLC and it contains the following polyphenols:

A) Hydroxytyrosol
B) Tyrosol
C) Caffeic Acid
D) p-Coumaric acid
E) Anthocyanes and catechins