greek olive oil


PolyHealth is an innovative company producing natural plant products of high bioactive value.

Taking advantage of new technologies, and using natural plant raw materials without organic solvents. PolyHealth has already entered the market with natural phytochemical products.

It has managed to produce a powerful natural antioxidant coming from the olive fruit which is rich in polyphenols and especially in hydroxytyrosol. This natural antioxidant has many applications in food industry, for the production of clean label products, in supplements and as a raw material in cosmetics and personal care products.

After several years of research it has managed to substitute all the chemical preservatives from food with a 100% natural product, giving the chance to the producer to put out the market products of clean label with high value to the consumer’s health.

Polyhealth also gives the opportunity to other companies, by providing a contract manufacturing service, to produce their own plant products by making them from liquids to solids and in particular turning them into powder, by the method of lyophilization.