PolyHealth SA is a new established innovative company that is committed to produce high quality natural and bioactive products. With respect to the environment and the human, our products promise and fulfill the protection of the health of our consumers.

The company was founded in 2011 and is established in Larissa in the region of Thessaly in Central Greece.

Using state of the art patented technologies, organic and plant originated raw materials without any involvement of organic solvents, Polyhealth S.A. has already entered in the area of the production of natural phytochemical products.

We have managed to produce a powerful liquid antioxidant from olive vegetation water which is very rich in olive polyphenols and especially in hydrotyrosol which is known as the most active natural antioxidant. This patented liquid antioxidant can be used in many applications, as a natural antioxidant in foodstuffs, for the production of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, and furthermore as raw material for the cosmetic and personal care products industry.